Our clients move beyond self-imposed limitations as they learn to align themselves with their business aspirations and objectives. Our constant and reoccurring contact with you insures that you will have a partner in the development of new strategies and new business. Together we stay alert and responsive to opportunities that move through your world. We create relationships and find ways for you to seize upon synergistic connections leading to ever-growing business. Our clients ultimately reach balance with their work and life priorities.

Intellectual Property

We have facilitated the creation of licensing agreements that have generated millions of dollars for our clients.  For over ten years we have designed intellectual property protection by formulating and implementing strategies that aligned with branding objectives.  We manage legal counsel in the formulation of license agreements and in the registration of trademarks and copyrights.  We review publishing contracts and support clients in negotiating licenses.

Strategic Execution

We develop and execute complex strategies to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. Whether there is a need for reinvigorating the company’s mission, navigating through a complex law suit, developing a growth strategy, or implementing intellectual property strategies to protect your brand, we make sure strategy is well-designed and smartly executed. Our strategic interventions have turned around, or even saved, commercial and nonprofit organizations in dramatic fashion. We are also excellently positioned to assist in formulating strategic alliances or joint ventures, and we introduce such opportunities when appropriate.